Perfect Obsessions Gold & Diamond Jewellery
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About Us

Ihsaan Mohideen (Sonny) served an orthodox apprenticeship under the auspices of a few of the most formidable European master goldsmiths in South Africa. Amongst them, Guy Traest, Uwe Koetter, Adolf Zimmerman, Roy Sarkin, M. Adil Edwards and Jorge Gill. It was under Jorge Gill, a recepient of the South African Jewellery & Diamond Award and the South African Jewellery Designs Award, that Sonny's foundation and legacy of impeccable workmanship and an eye for detail was laid down.

Soffia prides itself in fabricating pieces of jewellery that excels not only local standards, but compares favourably to what is internationally accepted. Pieces worn with pride and exhibited with confidence. Exclusively custom made, distinctively you!

Our design and fabrication process is an all inclusive one, from an idea, sketch or photograph, you are consulted, advised and well informed pertaining to questions and concerns you may have regarding your piece, eg. What material is best suited, gold, platinum or white gold? With regard to the diamonds, should you go for size, colour or clarity? Is the piece for adornment, investment or both?

All our design and fabrication goes through a thorough process of analysis to ensure total customer satisfaction. We use our artistic license and discretion to advise any changes on whether the piece should be fabricated entirely by hand or not so as to ensure that the piece remains timeless and increases in value.